The team found the most-viewed job on LinkedIn in 2017 – and announcing it caused a right royal storm, as it turned out …

We’ve had a lot of fun working with LinkedIn.

Now one of the best things about working with them is the access to trends data we get. Which allows us to work-up simple news stories we love creating.

Last week we got to tell press about the top ten list of “most-viewed jobs on LinkedIn” from 2017.

While beer-taster and chocolate-taster gigs made the top five, the top spot went to a very regal position indeed – Senior Communications Officer for Kate, Wills and Harry. It was viewed over 100,000 times by eager job hunters.

An exclusive with PA resulted in a cool 95 pieces of coverage, including Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and Aol. A raft of regionals followed, with everyone from the South Wales Argus to the Evening Times covering the news – there was a storm of coverage from around the country.

Altogether a quick, simple, but effective piece of work with which to ring in the new year.