The Sony team has been working with the charming Liam Charles to show off their latest Google Assist-enabled speakers

Working with Sony to promote the new Sony LF-S50G Smart speaker, with built in Google Assistant, we partnered with GBBO favourite Liam Charles from the latest series to showcase the new product and its capabilities.

We challenged Liam to create a unique recipe to launch the speaker, with consumers able to search for the recipe using Google Assistant via the Sony Smart Speaker. Liam created the Cheesecake mince pie recipe (which we have to admit was rather delicious).

We then spent a day capturing stunning photography of Liam and his recipe as well as a cheeky video of Liam creating the recipe step-by-step, whilst demonstrating some of the speaker’s key features including touch-free gesture control and 360 degree sound.

The assets went down a storm with coverage on METRO, the Independent (with the video getting over 1.5million views), Mr Hyde and MSN Food & Drink.

The video was also featured on Cosmopolitan’s Facebook page and has 51,000 views (to date).

A neat way to get people talking about the new speaker, we thought!