The Red Bull team joined a whole host of adrenaline junkies this weekend as the Red Bull Soapbox Race returned to London’s Alexandra Palace for the first time since 2017

We’ve been working with the Red Bull events team since the start of the year, activating some bizarre but wonderful events in the form of Red Bull Paper Wings (the World Cup of paper aeroplane throwing) and Red Bull Cut It, a lawnmower racing event in Somerset.

Next on the agenda was maximising exposure of Red Bull Soapbox – the iconic soapbox race that draws huge crowds every year.

We found out that Soapbox had never seen an all-female team enter the race and soon changed that by teaming up with the Daily Mirror and Daily Star to introduce the first all-female team to the event – scooping feature coverage in the process.

We also unveiled Soapboxes that would be making an appearance on the day, by releasing CGI imagery as a teaser, which helped us secure a whole host of listings coverage to drive ticket sales (which of course sold out) in the likes of the Evening Standard and Time Out.

And having hosted a range of media on site, coverage since the race continues to flood in – around 160 pieces and counting, including The Times, Daily Telegraph, I and The Sun in print, The Sun Online, ITV and too many regional pieces to count.

We’ve got the taste for it now, so we’re off to start preparing Hope&Glory’s Soapbox entry for next year’s race.