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The Post Office has asked Hope&Glory to get involved with some work on their mortgages

A lot of what we do here in the land of Hope&Glory is very silly. Very silly indeed.

But we do have a serious streak.

It’s combining that slightly grown up approach to the industry in which we work, combined with our publicists’ nose for news that has meant we’ve been working with the Post Office to help promote their mortgage offer.

We’ve been working with them on our first piece of news gen, establishing that the average homeowner can now expect to be well into their retirement before they pay off their mortgage, compared to those a generation before who would have been mortgage-free by the age of 51.

The story did pretty well – with pieces across the Daily Express, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and the Sun.

It also scored some lovely coverage across the money pages – with a DPS belter in the Daily Express money pages.

As first campaigns go, it’s been a beauty. And there are plenty more where that came from.