The O2 team has been forecasting the “future of mobile life” and decided to make one of the predictions a reality … introducing “Cuti-Calls”

We’ve been working with the lovely team at O2 to look at the “Future of Mobile Life” of late.

What better way to do that, we thought to ourselves, than to make one of the predictions from our campaign a reality?

So that’s just what we did.

Everyone will know that wearables are a bit of a movement. But we reckoned that phones will continue to shrink and that there will be new forms and functions for the devices in the years to come.

Which is why we designed and built a “product” we christened “Cuti-calls”.

A “mobile nail” that attaches to your finger and enables you to, in a very literal way, “talk to the hand”.

The little device – along with some cracking imagery and a sweet little video showing it off in all its glory and a partnership with Nails Inc to give our invention the finishing touches – was lapped up by the tech sites as well as scoring some belting coverage across the Daily Mirror, METRO and Stylist amongst many others …