The IKEA team has had a lot of fun this week, releasing a certain meatballs recipe that has sent fans around the world crazy

To help raise a smile and encourage people to get creative in the home during lockdown, IKEA released a delicious Swedish meatballs recipe this week.

Revealing in six very simple steps how fans can have a go creating their own version of the iconic dish at home, the recipe was brought to life in typical IKEA fashion: through an instruction manual.

The news follows a series of announcements from IKEA around how it’s supporting the community through covid-19, including the reopening of some of its Swedish Food Markets so key workers have access to essential items, and the repurposing of Wembley and Gateshead car parks into drive-through testing centres for NHS staff.

It’s fair to say we had a hunch that media would love the recipe, but we didn’t anticipate quite how much…

After extensive coverage in the UK across most national and consumer press, the story went global.

With over 130 pieces of coverage to date and more rolling in, a few highlights include FP of the Daily Star, Evening Standard, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, The Times, CNN and Fox News. Along with a tonne of pieces elsewhere.