The IKEA team has been coming up smelling of roses as we launched “Gardening Will Save The World” at the Chelsea Flower Show

We’ve been working with the ever-wonderful team at IKEA to launch a collaboration with Tom Dixon at the Chelsea Flower Show this week.

Gardening Will Save the World was this year’s entry as IKEA presented a vision of urban farming in line with its sustainability messages and bid to help the world “live lagom” and to show how even the smallest space can make a contribution to making the planet a greener place.

Following months of work with collaborator Tom Dixon, we got the launch the garden at Chelsea this week with hundreds of pieces of coverage worldwide.

The IKEA space is in two layers – the top is covered with greenery, mostly edible, while below is a horticultural laboratory, featuring hydroponics, aeroponics and beds of mushrooms growing in soil sculptures created by a 3D printer.

It was our job to land these sustainability stories, rather than just to become another show garden vying for space … and land them we did.

There were scores of national pieces including depth features across key print titles like The Observer, The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph. At the same time we nailed online coverage across the Daily Mail (and again and again), The Guardian, Daily Express, Daily Telegraph (and again and again), The Times (and again), METRO, Independent, BBC.

A cracking week in the garden altogether!