The iceman cometh making some well cool tunes (if you’ll pardon the pun)

Terje Isungset is a Norwegian ice carver and musician and DJ and … well, just generally a bloke who looks about as cool as it is possible to get, even in the wastes of his native Norway.

What’s more, the crazy little fella takes to an ice cave and doesn’t just spin up some wheels of steel to belt out some tunes. Oh no. Being an adventurous Scandie fella with a beard to match, Terje first fashions his instruments from the ice around him, using some old school brute force and some technological sonic wizardry.

The result is the creation of ice harps, xylophones, chimes, drums … you name it.

Mark my words, if ever we get an opportunity to pitch using this fella to a client, we’ll be dialling him up and calling him in to create one of his sub-zero sonic extravaganzas on these shores. In the meantime, we shall just have to enjoy his work from afar …