The Hope&Glory team has been going for gold with Kelly Brook to launch the HTC One M9 Gold on Gold

When HTC challenged us to make a big splash in the media to celebrate the launch of the HTC One M9 Gold on Gold exclusively with EE, we took the task literally.

Enlisting the help of renowned photography Jarek Wieczorkiewicz , famous for the “Milky Pin-ups” series, we partnered with the wonderful Kelly Brook to create some seriously eye-catching images.

Using over 440 litres of gold liquid to splash a very sporting Kelly during a four hour shoot, we constructed a unique “golden dress” inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s iconic look from “The Seven Year Itch”.

And the hard work paid off. We hauled in over 204 pieces of coverage, with 87% coming from lifestyle press. This included a stunning quarter-page in the Daily Star, a Daily Mail Online belter with no less than seven HTC mentions, as well as pick-up in the Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Daily Star, Press Association and Pocket Lint, amongst many, many others.

What’s more, the Youtube video has had over 50,000 organic views so far; with Kelly’s Instagram post alone generating 4,422 likes.

A great example of how an unusual creative idea with a spot-on choice of talent can achieve some pretty stunning results.