The Guinness World Records team has been spreading the word about the world’s fastest electric ice cream van ahead of the 2021 book launch

We’ve been working with the wonderful team at Guinness World Records as we’ve been helping them to promote the latest and greatest, 2021 edition of the iconic tome.

For our first story, we managed to dig out the quite incredible record-holder, Edd China. Edd, as it turns out, is the builder and owner of what has now been declared The World’s Fastest Electric Ice Cream Van. In actual fact, it’s a rather awesome Amalfi ice cream van which was built from scratch and that now reaches a top speed of 74 mph (actually 73.921 mph, just to be accurate).

In addition to making the van electric, Edd created a conversion kit for other ice cream vans so that they can run on electricity rather than diesel, a feat that he hopes to roll out globally in the near future.

All of which made Edd’s the perfect story – not only is he a record breaker, he’s also got a solution that could help to make the world a slightly better place for all of us.

With that news story ready to go, Guinness World Records 2021 became the topic of conversation around the world.

In the end we landed 465 pieces of coverage in the UK alone. There were segments on Good Morning Britain and BBC Breakfast, as well as over 330 other pieces of broadcast – all branded. Meantime, the story landed more-or-less blanket national coverage with the likes of Daily Mailthe i Paper (twice), The Sun (online and in print), picking up the story. With a stunner of an interview with our man Edd across a page of the Daily Star it was a pretty good haul altogether.

It’s been a pretty good start all-round to this year’s campaign. But nevertheless, stay tuned for stories of the other record holders we’ve got up our sleeves …