The Big Bang team get their hands on the Crown Jewels in the name of Science and Engineering … and the coverage is priceless

Working with the weird and wonderful Big Bang Young Scientists & Engineers Fair the team has been producing some ‘priceless’ coverage for their own Crown Jewels.

Created to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers and encourage registrations in the run up to The Big Bang Fair, the team worked with top scientists to GROW the crown jewels.

Setting the special gems in perfect replicas of the Imperial State Crown and Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring the lab grown wonders were hard to tell apart from the real thing.

With the help of some fantastic editorial shots the science packed sparklers caught the imagination of the media and cut through a busy news agenda.

Coverage was quick to land with fantastic print pieces in The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Scotsman, The Daily Record as well as on the Metro Tablet edition, all featuring a full credit for the Fair.

The story also aired on the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet and garnered online pieces across the Daily Mail, METRO, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Huffington Post, and a host of educational and regional media.

And all based around an experiment that kids can do themselves.