The anniversary of Mean Girls gave the Uber Eats a dream opportunity to create a bit of talkability with a Pink Wednesday menu …

Uber Eats is a golden opportunity to help a brand become a part of its audiences culture.

An infrequent refrain (this might be the first time we’ve said it to be honest), is that when you want to land in earned media, you’re an uninvited guest at the party, so you’d better bring Champagne.

In this case, it was pink.

As iconic teen chick flick Mean Girls hit its fifteenth anniversary, we thought it was high time that we co-opt “pink Wednesdays” in the name of top class takeaway.

So it was that we teamed up with Twisted London to create a menu that paid homage to the movie. There was pink mayo, glittery pink burgers, pink hotdogs, pink mac n cheese … there was a lot of pink.

The story landed some stunners across the IndependentThe SunThe Sun (again), the Daily MirrorMetroMetro (again), TimeOut and scores of other sites. The team smashed the coverage across the board.

Pink, delicious and totally fetch, this menu was a must for everyone, regardless of whether you eat with The Plastics, JV Jocks, Burnouts or are lucky enough to sit with the Best People You Will Ever Meet, it was a winner with the Great British media that’s for certain.

So fetch.