The Airbnb team has been landing scary volumes of coverage for the announcement that the witchy pad from Hocus Pocus was available on the platform

It’s spooky season, and the Airbnb team have been landing scary amounts of coverage for the announcement that a recreation of the witchy pad from Hocus Pocus is available this Halloween.

Just outside Salem, Massachusetts, sits the quaint cottage full of magic.

Thanks to some top-quality build and production work from our friends in the US, guests were offered the opportunity to spend a night amongst the curiousities, potions, and many, many candles. All in the name of showing off the awesome range of properties only available on Airbnb.

They would be hosted by the Sanderson Sisters, who in their Airbnb profile describe themselves as, “a trio of delightfully wicked witches, resurrected once more from our seventeenth-century graves”.

The Manual of Witchcraft and Alchemy is even on hand for those who want to try out any spells.

The team certainly worked their magic, securing pieces across nationals including Independent, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and Daily Star, as well as a host of consumer hits on the likes of Refinery29, OK! and Country and Townhouse.