Claire Kane


Claire joined the Hope&Glory team in the summer of 2019, bringing over a decade’s worth of B2C and B2B experience with her. Since then, Claire has been working across a number of widely recognised brands in the worlds of finance (Barclays) and entertainment (FacebookWatch), while also establishing a name for a number new entrants to the UK health and fitness sector (CLIF Bar and HelloYoga) and helping position LinkedIn as a champion for workplace issues.

Prior to this she amassed a wealth of experience in FMCG, retail, travel and consumer tech, delivering consumer comms campaigns at both a local and international scale. A key highlight was bringing back the Milk Tray Man for family favourite Cadbury, while also launching Christmas campaigns for the likes of John Lewis and Sainsbury’s.

When she’s not in the office Claire can be found touring London on a quest to find the best Sunday roast, spinning to work off all the essential ‘taste testing’, or perfecting her darting technique (a new hobby born out of isolation).