Team Royal Mint has been telling the rich story of a national treasure while launching a coin that celebrates Sir Isaac Newton …

The Royal Mint team has nailed it again.

Hard to think that four years ago this national institution struggled to get into a national newspaper.

Now they bang in hundreds of pieces a month and get the opportunity to showcase their history, the art of their engineering and the craftsmanship that goes into every coin time and again.

So it was with a degree of delight – and pride – that we nailed it again.

Announcing a coin to mark the 375th anniversary of Sir Isaac Newton’s birth we’ve banged in pieces across the BBCDaily Express, Evening Standard, CITY AM, The Sun, Independent and a host of others.

What’s more, as Newton is a former Master of the Mint, it was also a chance to recount the rich history of the organisation and tell the story of the organisation that puts the coins in our pockets.

A brilliant day out altogether.