Team O2 have been helping the world discover that the secret to a long life might be easier than we ever thought, with regular gig attendance hitting the perfect note

With O2’s latest brand campaign promoting the live music experience, we were challenged to bring the power of live music to life.

So we came up with the plan to scientifically prove that gigs really are good for you – and thankfully the science came good.

Working with esteemed behavioural science expert Patrick Fagan, we not only proved that gig-going was better for helping you find your Mr Brightside than common wellbeing activities like yoga and dog walking, we even discovered that this increase in wellbeing could help you live longer – 9 years in fact!

A photoshoot and release later, we were ready to hit the press with our news.

And they loved it.

Firstly the nationals, including Daily Star print, Sun Online, Mail Online and Independent Online gave the story a strong shout-out, quickly followed by a fantastic mention on BBC Radio 1. Then the music and consumer press followed suit, including stellar pieces on Shortlist, Lad Bible, NME, Mix Mag, UniLad and Dazed to name just a few.

Then things all started to go a bit nuts and we started to scale the world, with pieces appearing everywhere from the New York Post and French GQ to Virgin Radio Italy and the New Zealand Herald and more is coming through every day.