Team Barclays make a media statement when it comes to being a leader in the mortgage market

Another week, another rather successful piece of work with Barclays.

Following on from our quick and dirty PingIt story about someone who bought a house with a mobile phone, we’ve got all grown up and serious this week and have been helping them to promote their mortgages offer.

We wanted to find something that would really help them stand-out in the news pages – while at the same time we promoted debate, some argument and made sure that the brand positioned more strongly in the market as real experts in this field. So that’s just what we did.

As everyone who owns a home and has a mortgage will know, the big question right now is when the interest rates will rise.

But why?

Well that’s what we at Barclays set out to establish just how much homeowners would end up having to spend when the Bank of England starts to make changes to the rates we pay.

Working with the Centre for Economics and Business Research, we established that they would be worse off to the tune of £2.2 billion as a nation as a whole – or up to £5 billion if rates rise faster than is hoped for. A spot of Barclays consumer education later – calling on people to make sure they review their products to protect themselves from any rises to come – and we set off to media-land.

The coverage has been, quite simply, awesome.

There are pieces across the Daily Mail (twice given a belter on TIM), Daily ExpressStandard, the Indy, City AM, Daily Mirror all those came out as print pieces as well and then there were additional news pieces in-paper with the METRO, Daily Star and The Sun. Then the weekends got involved with humdingers across the Financial Times, Sunday Times and Sunday Express.