Team Barclays has been doing some cracking work to launch the bank’s brand new Code Playground … the next phase in our digital skills campaigns

As for part of our on-going campaigning work with Barclays, we’ve been working on the latest phase of our Digital Eagles programme.

The team has been working with an integrated agency group to create the Code Playground initiative with the bank.

Offering kids (and their parents) an opportunity to learn some coding skills, the Code Playground is an environment in which people can make their very own games and animations using their newly acquired digital knowledge. Have a play on the site.

To launch it we invited a group of our favourite media contacts (with their kids, naturally) to the Piccadilly Circus branch to try it out.

We also did some quick news generation research to find that computing is now the nations favourite school subject – just months after coding hit the curriculum.

The coverage has been fantastic with pieces across the nationals including the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Evening Standard, tech sites (like Pocket Lint and Yahoo! news), as well as some of the mummy blogs – including Tiger Lily Quinn and Mum in the Mad House.