Taking O2 “back to the future” to explore the working world, past, present and future …

Awesome work from the O2 Small Business team, who finally managed to get their “Museum of the Workplace” open.

The stunning installation – in which our team managed to meticulously re-create offices from the 1950s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s … as well as the office of the future – was opened for a week.

We’ve been working on this campaign, originally a PR campaign alone, but since having grown to become a major O2 Small Business brand platform, complete with workshops, seminars … the works.

Just to add to the media news value we added a spot of cheeky news-gen, working with the CEBR to calculate – at our behest – the degree to which we have become more productive as human beings over the past fifty years or so and the influence that technology has had on that growth.

Turns out that our hunch was on the money and that every human being is now 85% more productive – and that technology in the work place is the biggest single contributor to that rise. A pretty perfect story for O2 Business, let’s face it.

In the end there were well over 150 pieces of coverage for the campaign – all of them positive. And what’s more the messaging was bang on. They included the Daily Telegraph, a half-page in the Evening Standard, The Guardian and then trade pieces from the likes of TechWeek, FreshBusiness, Office Insight, Create, Real Business, talktalk and ABC News amongst many others.

Meantime, though, here are some pics of the museum in action …