STIL going strong … we’ve been making sure that O2’s partnership with the hottest phone cases in town has been getting the style influencers sharing the news

As most of those who know us know, we’re no slouches when it comes to a spot of influencer work.

So it was that, when O2 came to us with the most fashionable premium phone cases around – made by iconic design company STIL – we felt that Instagram’s most fashionable in-crowd would be the best way to spread the word.

So it was that we created a campaign with some of the network’s best-respected (and most followed, it has to be said), trends influencers.

With the likes of Ella Catliff (La Petite Anglaise), Sasha Wilkins (Liberty London Girl), Isaac Carew, Ben Heath, Twenty First Century Gent and Kelly Eastwood all getting involved, we’ve made STIL the hottest cases on the block.

Reach was a little over a half million with over 40,000 engagements. And the sales of the cases as a result have been rising pleasingly.

Here’s what Instagram’s best-dressed did as part of our campaign …

A lot of love for my chic new leather phone case from @stil_mind (Their new range is available now exclusively @o2uk) #stilmind #ad

A photo posted by Sasha Wilkins – LLG (@libertylndngirl) on

Weekend upgrades ✔️ I especially love the design of this exclusive @stil_mind phone case from @o2uk ☎️ #StilMind #o2 #ad

A photo posted by John | The Everyday Man (@theeverydayman) on

Dreaming of escaping… • Phone case by @stil_mind and @o2uk

A photo posted by Joe Pickard (@josephowen) on

Gave my phone an upgrade thanks to @O2uk for my exclusive @Stil_Mind phone case. #Premium #StilMind #O2 #Ad

A photo posted by Ali Gordon (@aligordon89) on