You won’t believe these macro shots were taken with a smartphone

Sony gets up-close-and-personal to show the awesome photos you can capture using a smartphone (and Sony QX1 lens)

Our lovely clients at Sony launched a pretty special product late last year – the QX1 lens-style camera.

What’s so great about this is that you can clip it onto any smartphone to transform it into a powerful camera, good enough to take professional-quality snaps.

To spread the word, we wanted to show off the amazing results you could get  so we let a top snapper loose with a QX1 and a macro lens.

The stunning macro pics of insects and the frosty woods of Hampstead Heath were right up the media’s street, with the Daily Mail Online, Daily Telegraph, The Independent,, Yahoo! News and Huffington Post all giving it a lovely write-up and that all-important product mention.

Here are some more of the shots, for those who might be interested …