Somewhere in Amsterdam you can have all your First World Problems alleviated. But, it turns out, all is not quite as at first it seems …

The fact that AIDS remains a huge issue but is largely being ignored by the media as a “done” disease seems to be something of a theme.

At the same time, shops purporting to sell one thing while instead raising awareness of a societal issue is also something of a campaign tactic du jour.

So bring those two together beautifully and you end up with the First World Problem Store, an Amsterdam dispensary where there’s a pill (okay, some mints) for just about any modern ill.

Bad Wi-Fi connection? Never knowing what to wear? Not enough Instagram followers? Jokes occasionally miss-timed? All problems catered for.

And the money spent alleviating these first world issues goes to a good cause because the fact is that 22 million people are living with AIDS without access to vital medication.
Our recommendation? Take a look, get involved and maybe help raise some much needed funding …