Sock It is preposterous … but it’s an interesting use of Apple’s iBeacon tech to create a digital do not disturb

Apple’s Beacon technology is deeply interesting stuff.

The techie spiel is that “the technology enables an iOS device or other hardware to send push notifications to iOS devices in close proximity”. What it means in this case is that an app can be told that someone doesn’t want to be disturbed on one side of a door and that, if another mobile user comes near, they receive a message alerting them to this fact.

But when you start to think about all the other messages that might be sent – for example offers in retail when someone is in a specific section of a store (or has been there for a certain amount of time for example) or geo-relevant content – then you start to see what can be done.

It’ll no doubt be the stuff of brainstorms for the next couple of weeks in these parts …