Seventy pieces of coverage for a battery isn’t bad as the sun shone for the IKEA team announcing the latest addition to the retailer’s range

Earlier this month, IKEA added Solar Battery Storage to its existing solar panel offering.

Having already announced solar panels to the press, we wanted to get the news out beyond the sustainability writers and reach new sections of the papers.

Some quick investigation later and we worked out that battery storage could help customers almost completely cut their electricity bills, so we quickly packaged the story up and went out to the PF and consumer affairs press … which absolutely lapped it up, with Good Morning Britain, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Independent and Daily Telegraph covering the big news.

But we weren’t done there, as we knew that for the techies of this world, home renewable energy is a current hot topic. So a slight tweak to the pitch note and press release, and we were off again.

True to form, the tech writers loved the story, with coverage on Evening Standard, Pocket-Lint, Wired, The Verge, Trusted Reviews … and many more besides.

The coverage is still coming in, sitting at a total of over 70 pieces and visits to IKEA’s online solar calculator skyrocketed a massive 835%  in just the first day of coverage.