Sanctuary Spa urges the nation’s women to #LetGo and fight against the “cult of perfection” with some ladies who’ve learnt from experience

We’ve been working with the delightful people at PZ Cussons on their rather splendid Sanctuary Spa brand – something of an icon in the world of wellbeing.

The campaign we came up with alongside an integrated marketing team has been one that encourages modern women to #LetGo and, from time to time, stop battling to get everything done and to take some time out – whether for family, friends or themselves.

The insight was a simple one: that modern women feel pressured from every angle to be perfect at home, perfect at work, perfect friends, perfect mothers and to look perfect. Sanctuary Spa offers an alternative approach – to react against the “cult of perfect” and take some time.

To bring it to life, the brand spoke to dozens of women who’ve had lives of considerable experience, asking them to reflect on this cult of perfection and to talk about what they might have done differently. Alongside some research amongst the nation’s women as a whole about how many feel the pressures that Sanctuary is railing against – and what the root causes of them might be – a film in which experienced women talked about their reflections was created by the team at Southpaw while our research delivered the headlines.

The story was covered across all the right places, with articles across Daily Mail (online and in print), Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, METRO, The Times, Huffington Post, Hello, Country Living, MTV and a host of others.

Here’s the film for those who might be interested in such things …