Rocking the BBC with Blurb’s brilliant CEO to get the message across …

We’re a consumer agency through-and-through.

But every now and then some of us find ourselves going back to some roots – in this case, Adrian has been plundering the contacts book on behalf of Blurb to crack some epic corporate brand coverage.

Blessed with a media-friendly brand in a media-friendly leader, he landed an appearance on the BBC radio 4 and BBC World News show, Bottom Line (a short clip from My Bottom Line is below) and has so far scored a perfect hat-trick of appearances on BBC World’s CEO Gurus shows – and with another three shows to come in the series, we’re holding our breath to see whether we can make it six in a row.

Not only does Eileen Gittins, Blurb’s utterly charming and charismatic CEO, get the message about the business across, she tells a damn fine consumer story while she’s at it.

Lovely stuff.