Our latest outing has seen us create a guide to the “most underrated tourist attractions across Europe” … welcome to the Hasselhoff Museum

We’ve been working with Hope&Glory’s newest client, trainline, to help them promote the fact that they do tickets for destinations well beyond the shores of the UK.

Yup, you can buy tickets to get you from your home to a vast range of European destinations. And of course you can use trainline to book travel once you’ve arrived in a major European city and want to get out and explore.

And it was the second of those observations that led us to our creative campaign.

Because most of us will head to our destination – whether a city or a beach – and we’ll more-or-less stay put.

But in so doing, we’re going to miss out on a whole heap of awesome attractions that might be over-looked – either because they aren’t in a major city and travellers see them as too hard to reach or because they simply aren’t famous enough.

We set out to bring them some trade by creating the Trainline Guide to Europe’s Most-Overlooked Attractions. Yup, working with experts we identified attractions ranging from a Nose Museum to some Beer Pools to the Museum of the Occult (where we met a legit alchamist) to the David Hasselhoff Museum in Berlin.

Putting together our guide we hit the Great British media to encourage the Great British public to get out and explore with trainline.

We’ve had a raft of cracking coverage with pieces across the Daily Mail, Daily Star, METRO and the Daily Mirror. Those were swiftly followed by a belter in the Independent and then we started to hit the media across the continent … from Belgium to Portugal so far! Let’s see where we go next …