Our friends at OneFifty have launched Rogue Ponies, a new platform that means we can create an influencer studio for all your brand content needs

We’re excited to announce that our friends at OneFifty – also our sister agency – have launched a brand new proposition in Rogue Ponies.

It’s well worth five minutes of your time to take a look. Promise.

The platform matches brands that need to populate their social channels – whether with photography, video or beautifully-rendered prose – to those who are expert at creating high quality, engaging content – social creators.

The team at Rogue Ponies works with brands to select creators specifically for their style and subject knowledge, not their number of followers and commissions whatever the client requires.

Brands are then provided with what those influencers create, be that images, video or copy, for use on their owned channels. So you get content in the style that your followers are most likely to engage with because it’s been created by someone who engages with that audience every day of their lives.

And because the content doesn’t go out on creator’s social channels, brands aren’t paying for their reach so the cost of creating amazing content comes down substantially.

Anyway, if it’s something that might be of interest, pop to Rogue Ponies, or get in touch and we’d be more than delighted to arrange an intro.