Now we’re sucking diesel! Launching the first-ever Greggs burner phone for superfan and Line of Duty star Vicky McClure’s 38th Birthday – giving direct access to the nation’s favourite bakery.

With the controversial final episode of Line of Duty drawing record-breaking viewing figures, we wanted to celebrate the occasion by gifting one of Greggs’ biggest fans, Vicky McClure, AKA Detective Inspector Kate Fleming something really special.

Famed for posting her love of Greggs across social, and even claiming that a move to LA would be off the cards as there are no Greggs in Hollywood, we fired up a covert opp to design and deliver a burner phone that ‘authorised her to call in a baked response unit’ and trigger further deliveries to a charity of her choice by replying to an awaiting text message from ‘G’.

Working in cahoots with Drummond Central to workshop the bespoke burner as part of a distinctive package featuring a set of video instructions from her new unit OG-12 (Original Greggs-12). Complete with a bullet hole through the Greggs logo, sausage roll styled Central Police crest and the opening line “Fancy a Greggs, mate?”

Delivered by a UCO to her door in an undisclosed location on the British mainland, McClure shared the images and video to her 589,000 Instagram followers and 445,000 twitter fans, choosing Our Dementia Choir as the charity to receive the gift.

Posting, “I got my burner, I got my text, I replied with Our Dementia Choir from DI Fleming, just waiting on a delivery, guys. Greggs, I mean, what can I say, that’s just unreal, love you forever.”

Naturally, the story caught fire on social. Amid a myriad of quotes and memes from the show, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and the wee donkey did fans of Line of Duty, and Greggs get onboard – reposting our iconic burner in their thousands.

Helped along by some good old fashioned media relations, we also bagged some cracking coverage for the story by landing a multitude of pieces across the nationals, consumer lifestyle and online press – with highlights including The Sun and the Scottish Sun, MSN, and rounding the regionals and making its way into Wales Online, The Birmingham MailNewcastle Chronicle and the Daily Echo to name but a few.

All in a good start to the week from the team and on to the next thing. Case closed.