News that was music to our ears as BIMM has become a brand spanking new client …


Remarkable news from this corner of the world as BIMM – or the British Institute of Modern Music – has become our latest client. Work has just kicked off and we’re looking forward to getting stuck in.

They are now to be found in Brighton, Manchester, Bristol, Dublin and London. And they’re the biggest institution offering courses in everything from performance to studio engineering, production, live events, songwriting, the works.

Basically, they cover everything that the modern music industry needs of those going into it.

We’re going to be working with them on their day-to-day “press office” – making sure that they’re in the music titles on a pretty regular old basis, supporting their events and helping to position them as one of the leading education institutions in the country. But we’re also going to be doing some brand campaign work and have a whole heap of lovely creative activations lined-up to happen as the year rolls on.

We are, as you might be able to tell from this rather gushing piece of prose, rather excited about it all.