Moma Foods has just joined the Hope&Glory fold and we couldn’t be more excited to start work with them

Sometimes there are pitches that you’re just pleased are over. And other times you kinda hope that when you don’t win, a client might get back in touch further down the line.

This was one of the latter.

So when Moma Foods got back in touch after we came a close-ish second in their pitch process about a year ago we couldn’t have been more thrilled.

For those who don’t know, they’re a fast growing business that do a range of awesome breakfast pots – most notably with their porridge which is now available across a host of major retailers.

Alongside running their consumer and trade press offices, we’re going to be bringing some trademark creativity to the work we do with them with a couple of campaigns lined up for their peak winter season.

A win to warm the heart, this one.