Last week the team at Hope&Glory wrote a book about the best lockdown creative campaigns from around the world …

We wrote a book. Funny thing to do. But we did.

The team Hope&Glory decided to undertake a lockdown project last week. The result of that collective endeavour is one book produced over the course of one week celebrating over 150 lockdown campaigns from around the world across 250 pages.

We’ve popped it below – though it’s best read in fullscreen.

Why you may ask? Well, above all things, we at Hope&Glory love creative work. We love making it. But we’re also the first to admire other people’s creativity.

At the same time, the “interesting times” we live in have called for interesting responses from commercial creative businesses. As a result, we felt that, from our peers to those agencies we most admire, the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in more interesting work than ever.

And, what’s more, the fact that students and the public themselves have been given a global digital platform to showcase their own creative skills has meant yet more moments of inspiration have surfaced.

In spite – or perhaps because – of the lockdown, there has never been a better time to be creative. So this book is a celebration of the best work we’ve seen over the last ten weeks or so. It is an unashamedly subjective celebration of the campaigns we’ve loved. We hope you enjoy it too.