James makes his PR Week profile debut and largely fails to embarrass himself

We don’t plan to do all that much self congratulation around these parts.

But hell, credit where it’s due eh?!

James has reared his ugly head in PR Week this week … waffling on about all manner of ridiculous stuff, including the future of print media, whether there is a gap in the market for a News of the World replacement, how successful start-ups have generally had successful backers … and our plans for Hope&Glory.

If you fancy reading it, there’s always the pain of the password barrier on PR Week’s website (tho they have to make their money somehow, so we won’t carp all that much), but if you have access/enough article credit left this month, it might be worth ten minutes of your time.

While we’re here and we’re scribbling, big thanks to @nikkiwicks for the coffee (we paid!) and for the kind words. And to Twiggy and Tony Langham (our new business partner), the commentators who were just bloody nice. Appreciated.