It’s like we’ve taken a step back into the late-1990s as Granary Square Fountains are turned into a game of Snake

Fountains might make pretty displays but they also make fantastic playgrounds.

However, one of the drawbacks of adulthood is that it’s no longer socially acceptable to play in water jets whenever you spot a public fountain. Tapping into that primal urge with a dose of tech wizardry, Granary Squirt is a new app that allows members of the public to take control of the fountains in Granary Square, Kings Cross.

Developed by The Fountain Worship, the new smartphone app allows users to control each and every one of the 1,080 jets and lights. The clever kit uses the company’s unique web-based fountain control system and relies on the accelerometers in smartphones to convert them into fountain remote controls.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, the first version of the app to be released turns Granary Square into a giant playable version of the classic arcade game, Snake.

Allowing up to eight users to compete against each other using the fountains as their battle ground, players simply point their phones at the water jets to control them, weave their way around the fountains, dodge other snakes and mind their tail as it gets progressively longer.

Granary Squirt are promising a series of other retro-themed games as part of further app updates but for now we’re quite happy to head down to Granary Square and play Snake like it’s 1999.