It’s been another lovely couple of days for The Royal Mint team as we’ve been launching the country’s first fifty pound coin 

To mark her Majesty the Queen’s longest reign The Royal Mint has created a coin with a £50 face value – the first time that a coin of that denomination has ever been released.

We got to launch it.

Now history tells us that this is one of those jobs that doesn’t need bags of creative thinking, it rather requires some rock solid media relations and bags of great contacts fostered over many months of working with the Mint.

So it was that announcing the coin netted formidable coverage across the board. There was print coverage a plenty, with the story making in City AM, Daily Mirror, Daily Record, Daily Star, Daily Telegraph, The Sun and Metro (amongst many others).

Thanks to serious selling in, we also found ourselves with coverage across Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Herald, Evening Standard, BBCITV, Scotsman, City AM, This Is Money

And what with the wires picking the story up, we’ve generated over 300 pieces of coverage. There were pieces from Jersey to Brighton, Milton Keynes to Belfast, Yorkshire to Sunderland.

For a coin. Which is a pretty handsome result.

Though we do say so ourselves.