Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s some tiptop, super-duper coverage for the O2 Eureka! Gallery this morning

The O2 Eureka Gallery that we launched last week continues to pick up cracking pieces of coverage.

Today, it was all about the joys of a previously undiscovered Eureka! moment from 1977 as we went to town with Andrew Ainsworth’s original sketch – previously unseen and dug out from an attic just for the show – of Superman’s flying contraption.

This “Eureka!” moment came about after (according to legend) film makers had attempted to fire dummies from cannons and had experimented with simply throwing actors across studios to try and get a realistic flying effect for the man of steel. Then, along came Ainsworth who sketched this image of Christopher Reeve suspended from a bar in the film studio with a fan creating the effect of wing through his hair and cape.

The story certainly caught the imagination with pieces today across the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and The Times, along with a bunch of other onlines. Lovely stuff altogether.