Inventing “colour-by-numbers” tattoos in a bid to get the nation talking about truTV’s latest inking sensation

In a bid to promote larger-than-life Freeview channel, truTV’s Tattoo Master: Redemption, the Hope&Glory team came up with the idea of colour-by-numbers tattoos. As you do of course.

Given that adult colouring in as an exercise in mindfulness has been trending in recent months, the team took the natural next step.

So it was that TOWIE starring, media-friendly, tattoo loving Mario Falcone came to find himself on London’s Southbank freshly inked (with the face of one of his Twitter followers) and being coloured in by eager passers-by.

The stunt captured media attention even before it took place as the red tops and gossip titles wrote about Mario’s plan following a teaser tweet. There was coverage across the Daily Mirror, Reveal, The Sun and a bunch of others.

Meantime, the release of the images and the creation of a new take on the colouring trend sparked a wave of coverage that keeps flowing in. The likes of The Sun (again), Daily StarDaily Mail, Reveal, Reveal (yes, again), OK!, Heat and a host of others.

Working with Mario and using his Twitter community as well as getting truTV’s own followers involved meant that the campaign reached hundreds of thousands through the social network as well as through the editorial.

Here it is in all its glory …