In Romania a football team has taken to the field with dogs that need adoption in their arms rather than walking onto the pitch with mascots

As anyone who has followed Hope&Glory’s work over the years will know, we really, really love a dog story.

There was, in fact, a whole year when all of our stories involved dogs. It was an edict. No campaigns without dogs.*

So when we happened to spot this tale from Eastern Europe, we felt it was well-worth sharing more widely.

The Romanian Football League has created a year-long initiative where this will be repeated encouraging the nation to “fill the void in your life” by adopting. Every League 1 team will perform the same act – featuring dogs that have been vaccinated, dewormed, sterilised and are ready to join their forever homes.

In a world where football has such a massive opportunity to do some good in the world (with this FIFA campaign, this anti-racism campaign and many, many others), this was a stunningly lo-fi approach to social impact addressing an issue that has been a long-running thorn in Romania’s side.

And the potential for disaster and mishap – as well as some heart-warming stories no doubt – should mean that people are talking about it all year-long.

Anyway, there you go. That felt like a feel-good story with which we should end the week – because it’s always good to wrap a Friday with a smile on one’s face, isn’t it?

* this is actually not true but it did feel like it