IKEA says Tack! to staff with pension pot cash for those who stay with the business

We may be known best for our consumer campaigns work in Hope&Glory but we are building up a pretty awesome set of press office clients for whom we ensure that there is simple, effective, hard-working day-to-day delivery.

One of those is IKEA, who we are helping to position as a designation employer – promoting all the great reasons why they’re a fantastic place to work.

So it has been that we’ve been working to highlight their “Tack!” (Swedish for thank you) initiative, in which they are putting €100 million into staff pensions (around £500 each a year) for those who’ve been with the business for five years or more. It’s a lovely sort of announcement to be able to make for a client – the trick of course is getting the coverage for a pretty run-of-the-mill business announcement.

Still, we did just that with coverage of the initiative has come from far and wide including the Daily Telegraph, METRO, Daily Express, Management Today, Yahoo!, and a host of trades including Retail WeekEB and PP.

A good news day.