IKEA makes the news in a pretty heavy-going week with flatpack homes for refugees that go up in an instant …

Over a year ago the IKEA Foundation announced it would be working with UNHCR and Better Shelter to create flat pack refugee shelters, and last week came the fabulous news that UNHCR had committed to another 10,000 units.

With a safe and functional temporary shelter delivered in flat packs, Better Shelter together with UNHCR and the IKEA Foundation wants to bring dignity and safety to the millions of refugees fleeing violence, conflict, persecution and natural disasters.

With a super-speedy turnaround from hearing the news, the IKEA team set to work, ensuring the IKEA brand was at the centre of the story.

In a week saturated with ‘hard news’ the IKEA team pulled out all the stops getting hits across the design and national press including the Daily Mail, Independent, Dezeen and Yahoo! News with the coverage continuing to flow in!