If you want a faster, healthier garden, head to B&Q where your plants will have been “whispered” according to our latest campaign

We’ve all heard about Prince Charles famously admitting that he talks to his plants, so for our gardener retailer client B&Q, we thought we’d ask the nation whether they do the same and it turns out that we’re only too happy to follow his lead, with half of us confessing to chatting to our flowers, with the same number believing it helps them grow.

This led us to think – if people are talking to their plants at home to help their blossoms bloom, why shouldn’t B&Q do the same? So, this week we launched the news that B&Q is taking on three full time “plant whisperers” in an attempt to help provide customers with the most nurtured plants and flowers possible.

We launched the news, alongside some fun images of our trusty “plant whisperers” in action at the Hedge End store, where they will be taking residency. Not only that but if customers can’t get there, all they have to do is Tweet a picture of their wilting flower to B&Q, where the ‘plant whisperers’ will be on hand to share the best ‘floral phrases’ to help perk up sad looking blooms.

The story didn’t end there though, as we also provided some musical therapy for those who might be uncomfortable to talking to their plants, in the form of  a “Plant Playlist” on Spotify. This featured top songs for the best plant growth, such as The Foundation’s “Build me up, Buttercup”, Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses” and Nirvana’s “Marigold”.

So far the unique service has landed print coverage in the likes of the Daily Mail, Mirror and The Sun, with online pieces on Daily Express, Daily Mail, Daily MirrorThe Guardian, and Horticulture Week, with more to come.