Virgin Santa-001

If Virgin Holidays were to send Father Christmas on a break, where would he go? Well, Santa Monica … of course ….!

So much for putting its feet up and having a restful break over the Christmas period. This is, after all, the true silly season, when a lack of news and skeleton staffs mean there’s opportunity a plenty for the Hope&Glory team.

That was especially the case for the Virgin Holidays team, who were hard at it on Christmas Day itself to ensure the brand’s Boxing Day sale opening got a shout amongst the festive spending stories.

And a shout it did indeed warrant – in fact a belting front page piccie and then a full page in the Boxing Day Daily Star.

After all, where else would some holiday sing Santas go once the hard work on the 25 December is done but to soak up some rays on the beach in “Santa Monica”. As the collection of weary Santas that Virgin Holidays flew out came to find …


Oh. And keep an eye out for an even bigger campaign moment in a week or so as we will be launching a world travel first. Much fun and games will be had, we predict!