HTC predicts the potential “future of football” to fine media effect … quick and dirty and effective work

Sometimes ideas are big and bold and brash. Sometimes, you get the simple but effective route. This one is the latter.

We’ve been working with HTC and their global agency, Nelson Bostock, to make sure that the “Future of Football” report scored all the coverage it deserved over the course of the last couple of weeks.

Predicting robot players, insect-like cameras, sensors on players, intelligent football boots, shirt-borne cameras and a host of others besides, the report was tailor-made to generate a spot of tactical coverage around the brand’s support for the beautiful game – as sponsors of the Champions League and Europa League.

And we did the job.

Lovely pieces in the Daily Star, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mirror were complimented by ShortList and Esquire articles, spots on msn and Trendhunter, amongst a host of coverage across the tech sites.

Another simple but effective piece of work.