How Meantime ended up hosting the 100th edition of the WIRED Podcast somewhere in London

Thought that we’d pop this up … the latest (and also 100th) edition of the WIRED Podcast.

Curiously it was arranged by, well, us.

Somehow or another (actually because we suggested it and they thought that it would be a good idea), we found ourselves first of all working with the delightful Liv Solon and Nate Lanxon to create a beer with Meantime Brewing.

Lo it was that the Swiggs Boson came into being – a delightfully balanced Galaxy IPA.

Then we found ourselves working with Nate and his team to track down the perfect venue for a spot of a listener event where this new brew might be sampled in appropriate surroundings – and the Podcast itself recorded, as it happens.

We worked with the lovely lads at the Holborn Whippet – one of the London’s finest drinkeries – to sort out a venue where 40 or so avid beer drinkers and WIRED Podcast listeners assembled to raise a glass to edition number 100, all the while drinking our beer while it was recorded …