How an InstagramPa appears to be helping Barclays recruit more elderly customers

We love a big idea as much as the next agency. But sometimes we yearn for the quick, simple and effective.

And such was the route we took with our InstagramPa work with Barclays (we’ve been doing a lot with them of late and it’d be fair to say we are loving it).

To promote their Digital Eagles initiative, we managed to find Rex Redstone, Facebook fan and 85 year old grandfather. We took him through a photosharing crash course to enable us to make him “InstagramPa” and the UK’s oldest user of the social network.

A selfie later and Rex (and some lovely messaging about the 3,500 Digital Eagles in Barclays branches who help elderly customers get to grips with the web) were loitering about in the media.

Highlights included cracking write ups from the Telegraph, PSFK, HuffPo. TrendHunter, Mature Times and a host of others. Even BuzzFeed was impressed enough with our octogenarian’s exploits to pop up a piece on his antics.

Lovely work from the team … And a little idea that we thought worth sharing …