Hope&Glory motors on with our latest win from collaborative consumption pioneers, WhipCar

As ever with such things, it was high fives and jubilation all round this week in Hope&Glory as we learnt that we’ve won the PR account for neighbour-to-neighbour car hire firm WhipCar.

They’ve asked us to help them spread the word that there’s a better way to run a car – with punters across the UK able to hire out their own cars during the time it isn’t in use.

Since they launched back in 2010, WhipCar has become a national force and something of a media sensation. We’re going to be helping to keep the buzz about their amazing service.

WhipCar has nearly 19,000 cars screened and available for rental across the UK. They’ve also recently kicked-off their first advertising campaign urging people to “love thy neighbour, drive their car”.

With Jo, James, Carl and Laura involved in helping them to get themselves across the nationals, we’re looking forward to getting stuck in and filling a lot of cars up and down the land …