Hope&Glory and Bupa get the bloggers to take a social media “Walk this Way” …

We’re pretty chuffed with the social media results of our latest project for Bupa – encouraging the nation to walk more no less.

So what did we do? Well for starters we created a social media content calendar, to ensure all of Bupa’s Facebook fans and Twitter followers were kept up to date and engaged as the Bupa Global Challenge progressed throughout the month.

But to support this (and the wider PR), we also created a lovely photography-led social campaign.

We asked four London-based, high traffic bloggers to tell us their favourite walk in the Capital. We then recruited top UK Intagramer Jiri Siftar to walk their walks, taking beautiful photos and Instagramming as he went (all hashtagged #Bupa and the campaign name #walkthisway). We then knitted all these images and walks into Google Maps, to create four illustrated walks for Londoners to try out for themselves.

All of this content (the illustrated maps, the lovely photos, and also a Lomo camera, to be given away as a competition prize) were sent back to the bloggers – which they loved, posting a story about their walk and the Bupa campaign online.

The results? Well it’s still coming in, but to date there are over 100,000 ‘likes’ (yes, over 100K!) and a 1000 positive comments about Bupa’s photos on Instagram and over 500 entries to the blogger’s competitions – all who had to visit Bupa’s website to find the answer to the walking related question.

As the famous Meerkat, who our very own Adrian Chitty used to work with, might say – Simples!