Hold the Swedish meatballs because we created the ultimate Instagram personality test: which piece of IKEA’s iconic furniture are you?

This one happened a month or so back. But we’re catching up.

During the height of social media hype about the “which [insert culturally relevant thing here] are you?” filters on Instagram stories, we spotted a spanking opportunity for a spot of newsjacking.

So, to make IKEA part of the conversation and drive talkability through social and editorial coverage, we created our own ‘which IKEA icon are you?’ filter, enabling the public to determine which cult IKEA item embodies them best.

To accompany the filter, we created the ultimate “personality test”, revealing whether you’re a total softie (like the LUDDE rug), a saucy romantic (in which case the SENSUELL pan was for you), or whether users were “strong and dependable” (just like IKEA’s FRAKTA bag).

To kick things off, we worked with a host of influencers (organically) and secured a tonne of social posts, driving an incredible increase in traffic to IKEA’s Instagram page. There were over 10,000 uses of the filter and the reach of our little campaign hit well over 250,000 with furnishing fans all getting involved.

Just for a spot of fun, we also packaged the whole thing up for consumer lifestyle media and bagged coverage on the likes of House BeautifulIdeal Home and TrendHunter.

To have a go yourself, simply head to @ikeauk’s Instagram account, and click on their filters section.

You might not BILLY-eve the results (sorry).