Having a bundle of fun kicking off our campaign for Sony’s h.ear audio range …

We’ve been having enormous fun launching the brand new Sony h.ear headphones over the past week or so with a spot of old school tease and reveal media relations.

We’ve also managed to tick a PR bucket list experience by basing a campaign on a McFly song – Five Colours in Her Hair in case you’re interested. Not everyone can claim that, that’s for sure.

Anyway, last week the media reported (more than once) that Ashley Roberts had been seen out and about sporting a fancy new pink hairdo. Strangely, with Bordeaux Pink headphones to match. It was duly reported upon.

Three days later she was seen wandering the streets of London in a rather fancy blue “do”. The media covered that too. Observing that it was curious that she had appeared twice in such style and that on both occasions Sony had thought to match headphones.

Hmmm. Suspicious.

Anyway, we finally did our reveal with a series of studio shots that revealed the lady in question was modelling Sony’s brand spanking new h.ear headphones in a rather fetching set of five colours.

Shooting Ashley as a “living doll” we hit the media with pics and interviews and nailed a third and fourth Daily Mail belter as well as METRO, Daily Mirror, Reveal, Heat, OK!, Glamour, FF and a whole host of others.

A campaign that has been a heap of fun and has nailed the product need moreover.