Geek-fiti created to help celebrate O2’s Campus Party Europe “festival of tech”

We’ve been hard at work of late on a cute little project for O2 as we’ve been helping to spread the word about Campus Party – most easily described as “Glastonbury for Geeks”.

The week-long festival takes place at the O2 in early September.

To help create some buzz amongst the hardcore tech crowd, we thought that we’d combine a spot of street art with a dash of hidden code. So it was that we’ve created a series of stencil graf pieces (initially in Shoreditch, shortly across the UK). In each is a hidden code, wrapped up in binary and assorted other coding languages.

The pieces celebrate various heroes of the geek age – including Tim Berners Lee, Alan Turing, Nolan Bushnell and Jon Maddog Hall.

So far, we’ve picked up some lovely coverage across (most notably), PSFK, Digital Spy, TrendHunter, Time Out, Who’s Jack, Culture Junkie, Web Urbanist along with Daily Mail Online and a spot of FastCo.

For those who can crack the codes hidden in the artworks, there are free tickets to be bagged. Just as an added cute touch.

We made a little film to show the pieces going up here …